How to maintain your inflatable castle

How to maintain your inflatable castle
Inflatable castle is a combination of scientific three-dimensional, made of super waterproof cloth, inflatable only cost about 10 minutes, safe, reliable, simple management, specifications can be large or small, both in the park or in the street square or district roadside can be played.

To ensure safety is necessary, the maintenance and care has become the first knowledge for buyers need to learn.

1. Turn off the power and fold the bales. When the toy is not in use, firstly cut off the power, clean the surface with the semi-dry towel, open the blower interface and the exhaust port after drying, release the air, fold it up, use the bottom surface to stop the front when folded.

2. Keep dry, do not damp. Inflatable products and air blower in the custody must be kept in a dry and ventilated place, keep the equipment in the custody of the state often check.

Scientific use, to ensure safety. Inflatable products should be installed in the avoidance of branches, communication cables and other sharp iron hooks, keep out uneven ground and fire.