The Right Way to clean inflatable water toys

The Right Way to clean inflatable water toys
In fact, water products are very simple to clean, except for a few stubborn stains, many of them can be directly wiped clean, so today I tell you about, when encountered these stubborn stains how to properly clean it.

We have to choose cleaning agents based on the quality of our water products, just as we do for everyday laundry, with laundry detergents that are easier to clean for different stains. PVC material has a certain acid and alkali, but not suitable for acid or alkaline cleaner, it is best to use a neutral detergent.

Inflatable water products and general inflatable toys are different, whether its area or composition, there is a big difference. Cleaning aerated water products must first cut off the power to avoid electric shock.

Inflatable water products at least once a month, cleaning is not suitable too much, after cleaning, products will be dried, do not leave water droplets, stored in a cool place.