How to choose a bouncy castle

How to choose a bouncy castle
Inflatable castles have always been hot, and in the autumn that is gradually turning cold, everyone is not go to the water park to cool off, the inflatable castle is naturally more prosperous. But how do you choose the bouncer castle from a wide variety of inflatable castles with different styles and different quality?

Material must be considered at the first time. The materials of the inflatable castle should not only consider the wear resistance and air leakage, but also consider whether the air pressure inconsistency materials inside and outside the castle can be survived. Inflatable castles generally use PVC materials, and good manufacturers choose thick PVC mesh nets. The thickened PVC mesh is encrypted and waterproof, and the two coats increase the abrasion resistance.

It is not enough to have good materials, and there are good techniques to piece together these materials in order to have a good quality inflatable castle. Good inflatable castle investors can directly observe through the surface, the stitches are smooth, the selected materials are brightly colored, and the inflatable molding gives a full feeling, while some inferior products are awkward regardless of how they are inflated.

The bouncy castle is basically made of sewing seams and must be guaranteed to be airtight. In addition, the inflatable castle at least guarantees the use of double-line sewing inside and outside, as for the corners and other places to require higher requirements, so as to ensure that visitors do not appear cracking and other accidents when playing.

The shape of the bouncy castle is also a big aspect that must be considered when selecting a bouncy castle. With the continuous development of bouncy castles, more and more items can be added to the bouncy castle. Inflatable trampolines, inflatable rock climbing and inflatable slides can all be added to the bouncy castle. In addition, most manufacturers can customize the inflatable castle, adding some cartoon elements to attract customers is a very good choice.