How to distinguish the quality of inflatable slides

How to distinguish the quality of inflatable slides
In many water parks, always have inflatable slides, but with the popularity of inflatable slides, more and more manufacturers produce inflatable slides, and the quality of inflatable slides is also uneven. Today we will explain how to distinguish the quality of inflatable slides.

Only good materials can create good quality. So to identify the quality of the inflatable slide, the first step is to know how to distinguish the material of the inflatable slide. Inflatable slides are generally made of PVC material, and PVC materials can be distinguished according to thickness and texture. Good PVC material is smooth and has good toughness. Inferior materials are generally recycled materials, the texture is more brittle and the strength is poor.

Except good material, good craftsmanship is required to quality. The inflatable slide is stitched with many parts, so the attention of the sewing process is also critical to the quality of the product. According to the nature of different sewing processes, different sewing processes are used in different parts of the slide. The double bright line is suitable for places with relatively large forces, and the dark lines are more beautiful, and the airtightness with the both lines is the best.

In addition, the design of the product also determines the quality of the product, because the design of the product not only takes into account the appearance of the product, but the most important thing is to consider whether the structure of the product is reasonable. For example, the connection between the shape and the large surface should be maximized by the arc structure, so that the product can be evenly stressed, and the corner part is affixed with the reinforcing round cake, which increases the use life of the product and brings more investment income to you.